Manager’s corner – Part 10
June 2019
[ Manager's corner ]
Exhibition information
  • Extension:2019/06/10 ~ 2019/06/10
  • Exhibition hall:the Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris
  • Types:Contemporary art

Manager’s corner – Part 10

This time our manager went to Europe, as our future goal is to have art exchange between our museum’s collections of oriental artifacts with the western art in the future. The follow-up development will be shared with you from time to time and the recent articles will be around the Paris tour.

First of all, I want to introduce “Musée de la chasse et de la nature” the Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris.

As you can tell from the name of the museum, it’s about the relation between traditional hunting and natural environment. The museum is divided into different areas according to the life style of various animals, using images and painting to present the traditional and natural environment of hunting at that time.

The most special part is that the animal specimens are incorporated with contemporary arts. They use contrast and emotion to express the evolution at that time, I resonate from the heart while I appreciate these artworks. The museum also invites famous artists to create installation arts, so that the museum is not just about collections but a diverse exhibition.

The museum changes its furnishings and add new artworks from time to time. This museum is well-known in Paris, you can see people queuing up at the door before its opening hour. If you come to Paris, it is highly recommended to visit this museum. It is not only displaying animal specimens, it’s a combination of the art culture from ancient to present.

For more information:   https://www.chassenature.org/

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