Manager’s corner – Part 6
January 2019
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Exhibition information
  • Extension:2018/12/25 ~ 2018/12/25
  • Exhibition hall:Kunihoko Nohara at Tsutaya bookstore in Ginza.
  • Types:Contemporary art

Manager’s corner – Part 6

Kunihoko Nohara at Tsutaya bookstore in Ginza.

KUNIHIKO NOHARA - Original Artworks

Japanese artist Kunihiko Nohara is known as “The Man of the Clouds” in Taiwan. His creations are often associated to the clouds in the sky and are inspired by interesting things happened in life or in his childhood. His works all have interesting names, like…shopping, cooking, cappuccino (bear), pudding, chocolate…etc. 
In these works, he incorporated himself into the creation of the clouds; little things that happened in life turned into unrestrained imaginations demonstrated in his art pieces.

Many of his art pieces are made of nanmu, integrated from only one piece of wood, every piece will need at least 5-6 months to complete from scratch, he also uses copper and glass fiber in his works; This small exhibition presented Kunihiko Nohara’s studio in 1:1 scale in Tsutaya bookstore, which is very different from other exhibitions.

Although this exhibition has already come to an end, they will soon hold another small exhibition during 17-20th of January 2019 at Taipei Sherwood hotel. If you are interested, you can be sure to find more information regarding to this upcoming exhibition online.

Welcome 2019 and happy new year to everyone!
I will continue to bring unprofessional point of views to this space while I explore the beauty of art around the world. 

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