Manager’s corner – Part 11
July 2019
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Exhibition information
  • Extension:2019/07/04 ~ 2019/07/04
  • Exhibition hall:
  • Types:Contemporary art

Manager’s corner – Part 11

Feeling the love with Van Gogh.

I believe that everyone has heard the news about the digital exhibition of Van Gogh’s painting.

This time I went to Paris to see this exhibition and steeped into the world of Van Gogh.

When we arrived in Paris, it happens to be during school holidays and the tickets were selling out fast. Luckily, we were fortunate enough to get it, so I suggest to purchase the tickets beforehand if you are planning to see the exhibition.

The entire digital exhibition is about 60 minutes. It plays two other artist’s paintings along with Van Gogh’s paintings. Different music is played with different paintings that allows the viewers to have the virtual experience with the paintings. Thanks to the advance of technology today, we are now able to have multiple ways to understand and experience the beauty of art!

Good news for all of you interested in this exhibition. This exhibit of Van Gogh is displaying in HONG KONG now! I believe that you’ll have a brand-new experience at the exhibition. For more info, please go to the websites blow:

HK exhibition:


Paris exhibition:


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